"You think you can kill me? You think you can try that and live?"
-- Bobbi Morse
Marvel: Introduces Thanos.
Marvel: Confirms Thanos will appear in multi-picture deal.
Marvel: Hints at Infinity Gauntlet.
Marvel: Introduces Infinity Stones.
Marvel: Confirms Infinity Stones will appear across multiple movies as a running subplot.
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a promo (and a hug) for anyone who can guess one of my top 10 characters!

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Imagine Bucky’s reaction if he knew people wanted Steve to die so he could be Cap.

Imagine Bucky, Sam, Natasha, and Steve’s reactions if they knew that people wanted Sharon to be brainwashed so that Steve could be killed so that Bucky could be Cap.


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// *opens Marvel Extended Encyclopedia* “Barbara Morse joined SHIELD after marrying HAWKEYE… blah blah killed Slade… blah blah kidnapped by Skrulls, the end.” *slowly closes and screeches*


They’ve also claimed that she was a physicist. She was a bloody biologist!

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Romeo Blue looks like it’s just spewing confetti at that kid

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I really wish that another write had done a team up with Bobbi & Natasha & Jess that didn’t include shoving them under the definition of Clint’s Exes.

Ugh. They deserve a better team up.


Clint: Y’know what, never mind. Here. 

Bobbi: Well there you go, Clint Barton. You’re now officially divorced. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Clint: Aww, really? That today?

Bobbi: That wasn’t me. The last time I saw you… I saw anyone, was before… that. Whatever you thought… whatever was said…

Clint: It was a skrull.

Bobbi: I came back to tell you it was over, Clint. I had filed divorce papers. I’m not your wife anymore.

Continuity is nearly always a slippery thing, never quite an exact science. For Clint and Bobbi’s marital status, things are made more complicated by the fact that twenty years after Bobbi’s death, her final moments were retconned into being those of her Skrull duplicate’s. McCann and López’s Reunion went a long way to iron out those kinks, reframing the last few issues of “Bobbi’s” life to fall in line with her abduction and subsequent return.

The biggest clarification made in the Reunion was this—Clint wasn’t a widower, as he’d thought for so many years. Bobbi had filed the papers before she was abducted, before she “died,” and therefore the two of them were legally divorced. Over the course of that series, this destabilizes a lot of what Clint knows about himself and his relationship to Bobbi, but it ultimately allows the two of them to start over with less complications.

Flash forward a few years to Fraction’s Hawkeye, and we have this scene—Clint and Bobbi, signing divorce papers. Does that contradict, then, what McCann had established a few years before? Not necessarily. I don’t have a hard time believing that “was though dead but had in fact been abducted by alien invaders” is a legal status that complicates paperwork. And Clint, who had no knowledge of Bobbi filing the earlier papers, would have had to officially sign the documents at some point.

Ultimately, though, I think this scene works as a grounding point. It reminds us of where Bobbi and Clint stand, digs in the pain of their crumbling relationship just a bit more. In the Reunion, we didn’t know what Bobbi and Clint were to one another—and neither did they. In Hawkeye & Mockingbird, they were an established couple, boyfriend and girlfriend. In Hawkeye, there’s no doubt about it—Bobbi’s the Ex. But that doesn’t preclude her from being a big part of Clint’s life. 

From Hawkeye Volume 4 #08 (Matt Fraction & David Aja) and New Avengers: The Reunion #02 (Jim McCann & David López)

For me, the biggest problem with the divorce papers scene in the most recent series is one big problem: Bobbi is legally dead. Bucky even mentions that Clint and Bobbi aren’t married anymore, because a death certificate was filed. Bobbi’s dead, and not just in the had-her-family-think-she-was-dead-to-protect-them way.

She never went back on the grid, given that she was in costume at all times, lived at the mansion (at one point in New Avengers she points to it and says she lived there) and was running a top secret spy organisation with funds from one of many offshore accounts. There’s even less of a reason for her to go back on the grid after Hawkeye & Mockingbird, since her family is now known to be alive by at least Crossfire, and the possibility of anyone tracing her could mean death for them.

Oh, and hey, please tag your Guardians of the Galaxy movie spoilers when it comes out. I can’t see it until AUGUST 5TH and it comes out here on July 31st.

dazzledfirestar replied to your post “[[MOR] doctorfylthe replied to your post “Another thing I love — we…”

How far in are you, I don’t want to spoil anything but there is stuff later that has people being protected in a physical way as well so… yeah.

I’ve finished, but I haven’t rewatched since it ended. I’m going to rewatch it with my flatmates after we move into the new flat.

I just ended up thinking about things that made me really happy, since it was great to see someone actually doing something to help, instead of saving the day and being like, nah, my job’s done. You can clean up here. I mean, the rest of Team Cap, apart from Maria and Fury, are still on my shit list, but still.

I still grin thinking about the Man-Thing mention because MARVEL, YOU BETTER FUCKING GIVE ME BOBBI!

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Another thing I love — we finally get one of the heroes cleaning up the aftermath of the heroics.

We’ve got Maria making sure that former SHIELD agents are safe.

Stil squeeing over how Fury asks Melinda if she’s got this before he leaves.

Because no one even needs to ask who’s going to be the Deputy Director. It’s Melinda

If Phil’s going to rebuild SHIELD the way it was supposed to be in the first place, the first person he’s going to make sure is by his side is Melinda. He wouldn’t want anyone else there.

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the world doesn’t need biphobic lesbians

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