you think you can kill me?
you think you can try that and live?

Okay, Cheshire’s pretty cool and tragic once she stops pretending to be an evil creep. I mean, she’s still kinda evil, but she’s also tragic and very broken.

snorted as he spoke to Cocaine via video.


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Roy is so damn cute.

He really is. He’s also in desperate need of hugs. They all are.

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Yep. :) 

I never thought I’d say this but… aw, Killer Croc!

And awww, poor Roy. Yet again. Wow, Roy’s never been able to catch a break.

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"You were always the angry one. The brawler. So raw. So positively zesty! A boy doesn’t grow up that way on his own. Gotham has to forge a boy like that. Hardscrabble streets paved in bullets and broken dreams."

—The Joker about Jason Todd in Red Hood and the Outlaws #15.


Roy Harper rockin’ out by *DeanGrayson

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Commission- Red Hood and the Outlaws by *DeanGrayson

Red Hood and the Outlaws is really great. Roy, Kori, and Jason are so great, and really adorable as well.

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Houndstar Graphics Challenge | [1/7] Graphic novels | - Saga by Fiona Staples and Brian K Vaughn.

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Hawkeye & Mockingbird movie where the poster shows them standing at an angle, aiming in the direction of the camera, and Bobbi’s holding an arrow in one hand while Clint has one of her battle staves in his quiver.

we are agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

"I am here to tell you — pain and suffering is easy. That’s why there is so much of it in the universe! You want to experience something unique? Try life. Hope. Love.

Kori, you are quickly becoming the second queen of my heart.

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After you’ve woken up with your best friend beaten to a bloody green pulp… Lying in a pool of your own vomit… After you’ve seen the damage left in the wake of all your choices… You kind of don’t let anything else bother you again.

"That’s my Roy."

Why are these two so fucking adorable?

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